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All You Need To Know About Single Wall Ovens

Whether you are looking for an oven for your home, office, or restaurant, you must research the options available out there for you first. Most people aren't familiar with anything other than a range or a microwave oven, but there's another kind of ovens that just might be the best fit for you and this kind is called a wall oven.

Wall ovens, unlike the generally known range ovens, are fixed into the wall and are further divided into three types:

  • Single Wall Ovens
  • Double Wall Ovens
  • Triple Wall Ovens


The words “single”, “double” or “triple” in the name refer to the number of cooking spaces provided by each type.


For instance, a single wall oven offers a single cooking space while a double wall oven provides a double cooking space, i.e., there are two portions for you to use. Similarly, a triple wall oven consists of three cooking spaces. This means that you can bake three dishes at a time.


Single Wall Ovens

A single wall oven is no different than a range oven in terms of the cooking space it provides. It’s also similar to a normal range oven in the aspect that it can be set up either under or over the counter to save space.


However, getting it installed over the countertop will save you from back pains as you won’t have to bend down to place the dishes into or taking them out of the oven. And since these ovens are installed into a wall, they take even lesser space than a normal range or microwave oven.



Fuel Options

A point that you need to consider while looking for a single wall oven, or any oven for that matter, is the fuel it consumes, i.e., do you want an electric wall oven or do you want one that runs on gas? It’s a very important decision and requires a lot of consideration. Key factors affecting this decision include your financial resources and your cooking requirements as well as the type of fuel you use in your kitchen.


Electronic single wall ovens are known to not only have user-friendly controls but also a vast variety of designs and models to pick from. The gas wall ovens, on the other hand, are not only more expensive than the electric ones but also quite difficult to operate and maintain. 


Colors Variations

The ovens of today, unlike the ones in the past, are available in a wide range of colors. Whether you love a modernized look or a vintage style, single wall ovens are available in both. Some of the most popular colors in single wall ovens include white, black, slate, stainless steel, black stainless and maroon, etc. 


Other Features

In addition to their basic cooking and baking functions, some ovens also offer certain extraordinary features that you just cannot ignore. The core objective of these features is to make the life of the user easier and stress-free in relation to the use of the oven.


For example, self-cleaning, infrared grilling system, speed oven, convection oven, Wi-Fi connectivity, and temperature probe are just a few of the many special features single wall ovens come with.



Buying an oven is a long-term investment. You can’t buy a new oven every few months unless you have a lot of money to spend. Hence, you must be aware of your cooking needs, budget limitations, design specifications, and such other aspects that may be relevant to the purchase. Additionally, these ovens are also available in different sizes based on the size of the family. So, you must be mindful of that as well.